Fuel Dispensing Hose

We supply a good quality cloth reinforced nitrile hose for standard fuel delivery purposes. We can supply this fuel dispensing hose at your required lengths from 1.6mtrs up to 50mtrs in one length. We supply either 1″ or 3/4″ ID hose. You can order this with or without hose tails already crimped on.

The other option of fuel hose is our Steel reinforced NBR/PU/PVC hose. This is ideal hose for the busy forecourt yard where there is a possibility of the hose getting run over by vehicles. The reinforced steel coil running through the hose keeps the solid shape and prevents it from going misshaped.

Bear in mind we also supply fuel hose fittings, hose tails, quick couplings and swivel tails should you need to add these to your hose.

In line with the hose manufacturers and the increasing levels of BIO diesels being used in road and agricultural fuels, all hose assemblies and pump assembly hoses will from today only have a 3 month warranty.

Fuel Hoses are a serviceable part of any system and as such should be inspected and replaced on a regular bases. In the past fuels have not been as aggressive as those now used so there was not an issue, but these days we are not at all certain what is in the fuel being supplied.

There is fuel dispensing hose available that is more robust against these fuels but they come at considerable extra cost. If these hoses are required please let us know.

We have come to this decision on the bases that many installations have little or no problem, it is the high volume usage systems that tend to have more adverse effect on the fuel dispensing hose, and therefore I do not see the need to add unnecessary cost to all products across the board by using very expensive hose.