Fuel Dispensing Nozzles

There are two main types of fuel dispensing nozzle, manual shut off nozzles and automatic shut off nozzles. A manual shut off nozzle will need you to let go of the trigger when you have completed reuelling, whereas an automatic shut off nozzle will detect fuel reaching the nozzle spout and will automatically shut off dispensing fuel. The main point to remember here is that if your fuel set up is gravity feed then you can use a manual nozzle. If your fuel setup is pumped then you by law require an automatic shut off nozzle. This is so that you minimise the risk of fuel spills.

Manual Shut Off Fuel Dispensing Nozzles

The range of manual nozzles for fuel we do are as follows :

  • Tn6000 –    Self2000 1″ BSPF Swivel, 1″ OD Spout, NBR seals
  • TN6001 –    3/4″ BSP Swivel Inlet, 3/4″ Spout
  • TN6000-3/4    Self2000 1″ BSPF Swivel, 3/4″ OD Spout, NBR seals
  • P8-F0065000A   Self3000 1″ BSPF Swivel, 1″ OD Spout, Viton seals
  • P8-00065001A   Self3000 1″ BSPF Swivel, 3/4″ OD Spout, Viton seals
  • M3709      EBW 410, 1.5″ BSPF Swivel Inlet, 1.5″ OD Spout, Viton seals
  • TN6075     1″ BSPF Swivel Inlet, 3/4″ Spout, Unleaded
  • GP110155-1  GPI Manual Nozzle 3/4″ Unleaded Spout

Manual Fuel Dispensing Nozzles for Other Liquids

  • P8-F0063001A  Piusi White plastic nozzle, 19mm Hose Tail (Food & Water)
  • P8-F14761000   Piusi Adblue Manual nozzle, 316 Stainless Steel Spout, 19mm Hose Tail

Automatic Shut Off Dispensing Nozzles

The range of Automatic Shut off Dispensing Nozzles we do for fuel are as follows:

  • GP110121-8    GPI 3/4″ NPTF, 3/4″ OD Spout
  • M3700-SS   1″ BSPF, 3/4″ OD Spout
  • M3700-ABSS  3/4″ BSPF 16mm OD Spout for Adblue (Stainless Steel)
  • M3701   Husky 1+10, 3/4″ BSPF, 1″ OD Spout, 60lpm
  • M3700  Husky 1GS, 1″ BSPF, 28.5mm OD Spout, 80lpm
  • M3711  Husky 1″ BSPF, 35mm OD Spout, 275lpm
  • M3715  Husky 1.5″ BSPF, 35mm OD Spout, 405lpm
  • P8-F00603060  Piusi A60, 1″ BSP, 28.5mm Spout, 75lpm
  • P8-F00602030  Piusi A60, Rapsoil Nozzle, 28.5mm  Spout(Yellow Boot)
  • M3702-1-SLIM   ZVA 4.1 Slimline 1″ BSPF Swivel, 1″ OD Spout, 80lpm
  • M3702-25.41  ZVA 25 High Flow 1″ BSPF Swivel, 140lpm
  • M3702-32  ZVA 32 Super High Flow, 1.5″ BSPF Swivel, 200lpm