Fuel Flow Meters

We offer the complete comprehensive range of GPI flowmeters for measuring, diesel, kerosene, petroleum, water and many other chemicals. Add to this the FMT range of meters with their Swiss/German engineering, You should be able to find a fuel flow meter to suit your needs and specifications.

¬†GPI have a massive selection of fuel flow meters for all sizes of pipework, fluids and accuracies. They are the number 1 choice for accurate metering of fluids with specialised computer technologies in their meters that can meter flow to within 0.75% accuracy. They offer readouts of up to 6 digits and can report total batch, cumulative and flow rate of fluid through the meter. They offer meters from 0.5″ bore up to 4″ bores. And threads including BSP and NPT. The range includes meters that will record from 1 to 760 litres per minute.